Unlike other off-campus housing, NorthView is a fully UCF-managed property. This guarantees access to the UCF resources and support residents need to feel safe and secure within their collegiate home. This also means that students and their families can work directly with the university to ensure ease of payment, direct transfer of financial aid, and always get answers to their questions.

Academic Success

Did you know that students who have lived with UCF Housing for two or more years are 20 percent more likely to graduate on time?

NorthView provides a variety of indoor and outdoor study areas. With access to the covered cabana, beautiful courtyard areas surrounding the pool and volleyball court, the first floor lobby, and the Collaboration Room on the 7th floor, you’ll find the perfect study spot with a balance of learning and leisure.


NorthView has multiple security standards and guidelines in place to ensure the highest level of safety.

  • Grounds are patrolled by the UCF Police Department.

  • Blue light emergency phones dial directly to UCF Police and Seminole Country Police and allows them to know your exact location.

  • The NorthView parking garage is gated with limited access to non-residents. The garages have ample lighting and security cameras. Residents can also easily access their floor from the garage at each level.

  • All doors require a pin-protected keycard to gain entry into the building. Each resident's card is programmed specifically for main entrance access and for his or her unit.

  • Housing and Residence Life staff act as a resource for facility and roommate concerns and provide social and educational programming. NorthView has Resident Assistants (RAs) on every floor that are trained to respond to crises and enforce policies.

  • The Housing and Residence Life office is available 24/7 to help residents whenever they need it.

  • Housing and Residence Life Staff aid in keeping NorthView safe by making daily rounds from 5 p.m. – 8 a.m. Health and Safety inspections occur once a semester to help ensure standards are met by all residents and will be announced ahead of time.

  • A PIN-protected ID card is needed to reach any floor above the second.


NorthView is open year-round. This means that residents won't have to worry about finding housing for summer classes or jobs. They will have a place to stay during winter break if they choose a winter externship or need to work at their local job. Students who renew while the application is available have the opportunity to keep the same room for their entire UCF experience. Details and instructions are sent to students’ Knights email accounts. Let us take the worry out of your college living experience.